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Review: Esther


Injury - Shin Splints

Amount of time put off before coming in - several weeks, thinking it would clear up itself

Time to recover - 2 sessions in 1 week

Result - PB after marathon distance in Manchester

Esther is a mother of two who recently came into the clinic after deciding she was going to run the Manchester Marathon and picking up shin splints. This is a painful condition affecting the front inside of the shins and resulting in pain on running below the knee, which tends to get worse the more you run.

Esther came to the clinic the week before the run having left the injury over a few weeks. This is a common story. Often the sooner an injury is dealt with, the better the outcome and more chance runners have of not having any issues on the day.

The cause of the condition was identified quickly, some home help was issued and 2 sessions later, Esther completed the Manchester Marathon in a new PB making a significant dent in her previous marathon time. Esther raised a significant amount for charity and the team were very happy to have helped her achieve a great result.


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