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Review: Tina Muir

Tina Muir

Injury - Shin Splints and calf pain

Amount of time put off before coming in - Several weeks and possibly longer

Result - Left a glowing review about our team and services. Hopefully we’ll see her pacing the London Marathon this year.

It was great to welcome local St. Albans runner Tina Muir, who you may well recognise from being the pacer for this years London Marathon, to our St Albans clinic for the first time as she is taking a hiatus from her life as an Great Britain Olympic hopeful and professional runner to focus on her recovery. Tina’s PBs are 16:08 (5k), 33:24 (10k), 1:13 (Half Marathon), and 2:36 in the (Marathon).

After working as the Community Manager for Runners Connect and Podcast host for Run to the Top, Tina is focusing on one of her other passions; helping other runners achieve their goals through passing of her knowledge and experience to the community. That is why she created the ​Running for Real Community, which some runners taking on the St Albans Half Marathon may find useful!

Tina certainly knows what success feels like, as she achieved her lifetime goal of representing Great Britain and Northern Ireland in a World Championship not that long ago.

Tina was seen as an emergency session by Stephen Makinde, one of the senior team who works with all our high profile athletes, stunt performers and spotlight clients.  He got to work reassuring her and fixing her through dry needling and neural flossing mobility work.

Tina was so happy with her result that she was kind enough to put a post up on her facebook page to recognise the service she received.


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