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Guest Blogs

Team Abbeyfield Walking Half Marathon Blog


As of today, Team Abbeyfield has 10 walkers signed up and we have got walking fever here in the office.  We are a happy band of men and women with varying degrees of walking ability and fitness. To help get a bit of training, we have started lunchtime walks from the office setting out for a 30/40 minute round trip to one of the parks or the nunnery.

It’s been interesting to see what has motivated people to sign up. We have a couple of quite competitive walkers, thrilled by the idea of taking part in a chipped walking half marathon. There are the social walkers, keen to join the team and have a fun day out, and one who was interested, but then convinced, by the free lolly at the end! Several others have said they are keen too but yet to sign up. I’m going to try and figure out their motivations to help persuade them to sign on the dotted line. One was pouring over the map of the course. I wondered if he was checking out the hills, but it turns out he wanted to see if there are any good pubs on the route. Of course, it is St Albans after all!



Abbeyfield has been celebrating National Pie Week this month. We have 500 houses across the UK and it’s always a real treat to visit as the food is incredible. I went down to our house in Portsmouth for a very special pie lunch with the mayoress and 60 others last week and then we had a pie competition in the office on Monday. In the soundtrack to my life, I can hear “Who ate all the pies? Katy”.

Strangely, I am a bit heavier than usual! Time to pick up the pace with our training especially as it is now less than three months until the St Albans Walking Half Marathon.

The weather looks really good for a couple of walks this weekend, the first in Leamington Spa with friends and then back down to St Albans on Sunday. The clocks are changing so an extra hour or daylight will come in handy.

Anyone know how many pies you can burn off in one hour? 




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