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 I did it!


What a great day!  Just over 24 hours since the race finished and I am just about recovered, slightly worried about the lack of muscle ache – I am certain it will hit me soon.

I was pretty excited when I arrived at the park, I didn’t realise what a big event it was, I headed over to the VIP tent and got myself prepared for the race before heading over to the start line.

I lined up with the 2 hour pacers, and, as expected, quickly lost them! The first few km were the hardest, knowing in my head how much further was left to go, but decided to not worry too much about time and just enjoy the stunning views, the great entertainment and the lovely support along the way.

Once I was past half way it was a case of just knocking the miles off one by one and also walking up most of the hills! Soo many hills.  A few miles to the end the 2h 10m pacers ran past me, I really wanted to get under 2h 15m and it was looking less likely so once the hills were done and it got a bit flatter I sped up and caught them again, before passing them in the last two miles. It was great they were there as it really pushed me to go a bit quicker.

And then the best bit, seeing the finish line and knowing there was an ice lolly waiting helped me on the last few hundred metres.

Once finished I headed back to the VIP tent to recover with a yummy cup cake and meet my friend who was also running.  It was then I checked my official time and realised I had achieved another PB with a time of 2h 9m 22s.

Overall it was a great race, such a great atmosphere, so much to do in the runner’s village and great to see a few familiar faces around the course cheering us on. I had hoped for a massage from Perfect Balance at the end but ran out of time before I had to catch a train for work.

If I could change anything – I would have put more sun cream on my face – it was very red yesterday afternoon!!


Race Week!!

It feels like this week has crept up so quickly! Suddenly it is only 4 days until the big day which means an excuse for me to start eating a lot of carbs.

I ended the week with another 10km race around regents park, which again went pretty well, I got another PB with 53.05 but there were points when I wanted to stop and walk which did lead to a little bit of panic that I will be running double this distance next week, albeit a lot slower.

So most of this week has been me having little words with myself every time I have had a moment of, eek I am running 13 miles at the weekend, to remind myself that I have done this 3 times before and I can do it again.

Overall I am excited about the challenge ahead, it looks like it will be a great event and I am sure the atmosphere, crowds and entertainment on the route will get me round.

I will also be checking the weather every five minutes for the next few days to make sure it won’t be raining :)

Good luck to everyone that is walking or running on Sunday – You can do this!



Sports Massage at Perfect Balance Clinic

It had been ages since I had a good sports massage and with a niggling calf muscle it was well overdue so I was looking forward to my appointment at Perfect Balance Clinic.

After a few questions Aaron got on with doing an assessment of my posture before getting stuck in. With all the training my legs were tight so he focused on getting some of the knots out and working on my calf muscle.

I knew for this to work it was going to be a bit less comfortable than your usual relaxing massage so was prepared for a little bit of pain! But Aaron was good at making sure I was ok and took my mind off of it by keeping me chatting.

I was definitely a bit sore after, which was a good thing and my niggling calf muscle has been fine ever since so whatever he did worked!

After the massage, having been a competitive runner himself, Aaron was very knowledgeable and I was given lots of advice on how to help prevent injury including becoming very acquainted with my new foam roller!

Knowing that Perfect Balance will be there at the end of the half marathon is great – I am sure that is where you will find me once I finish.

8th May - Meeting my Personal Trainer from Everyone Active

This weekend was all about the running and early starts...

The weekend began with a 9am meeting with Luke, the PT at Everyone Active who is going to look after me between now and the big day.

After a chat about what training I am doing already and what I want to get out of my sessions with him, we decided on focusing on stability and strengthening exercises that will help improve strength for the race and avoid injuries.

I then went on the machine there that analyses your body composition and gives you a print out showing lots of interesting information such as body fat percentage and muscle mass.

My first session is next week and I am looking forward to working with Luke over the next few weeks to help improve my performance, I am confident he knows how to help with building my strength, turns out he is competing in a bodybuilding show this weekend that I am going to.

If that was not good enough I also got my St Albans Half race number in the post!

Sunday was another early start with a trip to London for a 10km race in Regents Park.  Doing an organised 10km run as part of my training was invaluable as well as great fun and I recommend it to anyone that is currently training for St Albans Half Marathon.

Had I been out running on my own I would have probably stopped or walked some before the 10km mark but being here I knew I just had to keep going until I reached the finish line, which I did and, despite so far only getting up to 8km distance, managed a personal best of 53mins 20secs and came away with a nice medal, now I just need to double the distance!



 29th April