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Meet Naomi!

Naomi is our second Ambassador, she’s also going to be sharing her journey training for the St Albans Half Marathon! To kick thing off we’ve done a little Q&A so you can get to know her motivations for running.




Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a gym, car and motorsport fan who also enjoys fair weather running, I work at Vauxhall head office and am also qualified as a personal trainer,  In my spare time I enjoy eating out with friends, going to the gym (a lot), attending car shows and watching any kind of motorsport.

How did you start running?

I had already started exercising in the gym but was convinced I could never run for more than about 10 minutes, a few friends of mine had signed up to do a 5km Race For Life and after having discovered I could actually run that far I joined them for the race, (and beat them all J)  I have since run several 5km runs and obstacle runs as well as 3 half marathons.

What motivates you to run?

The sun being out is usually my first motivation along with the feeling of just being out in the fresh air doing something just for me. The feeling you have after a good run, especially when you set a new PB for distance or time is great. I also really enjoy going for a run when I am on holiday or in a different place as it is a great way to take in the scenery and explore your new surroundings

What has been your biggest running achievement?

I guess the first time I went out and managed to run 5km when I thought I never could was a big achievement.  Also getting the chance to run a half marathon with my dad was a nice achievement, he is super fit but it was his first half marathon (my 2nd) and just a nice experience that not everyone gets to have, the other main achievement from that run was the 8am on an icy February morning start!

Do you have a favourite pre run meal?

After my fist half marathon I had a banana, porridge and half a flapjack, it seemed to keep me going so now I always have that before a long run.

What’s your favourite song to motivate you during a run?

Oooh that’s a tough one, my playlist is pretty mixed so anything fast and upbeat, maybe some old school garage or classic 80s pop.

Why do you think people should sign up to the St Albans Half Marathon races?

I would encourage people to sign up who maybe think they cannot do it as I am sure most people would surprise themselves, I waited at the finish line for the St Albans half once before and there was a really great atmosphere.  St Albans is a beautiful place too some great scenery to take in on the way round.

What inspired you to become a SAHM Ambassador?

I have considered doing St Albans half before, when I saw the ambassador programme it sounded like a great way of taking part in the race, being able to share my story along the way in the hope of encouraging others to take part in the race and maybe of achieving something they never thought they could.

What are you hoping to achieve at the St Albans Half Marathon?

With all the half marathons I have done before my aim is to finish the race whatever happens, and like I say, encourage a few others to get involved.  Beating my previous fastest time of 2h 10 mins would be a bonus J




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