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April 24th

5 things I’m enjoying about my running experience


Now that the sun is poking her head out more frequently, running is a lot more fun! Although I possibly need to invest in some eye gear as I’m suffering far more running induced injuries with the sun glaring in my face…

Listening to music

The new Ed Sheeran album has become my go-to running album. I don’t tend to listen to music anymore in my everyday life so it’s really nice to have an opportunity to.

Other runners

Seeing the same people out for runs on the morning of a weekend is lovely – there is a sense of solidarity between people who have all managed to drag themselves out of bed on a weekend.  They are also a great motivator, my competitive side likes to overtake as many runners as I can and I’ve even shared some words of encouragement when crossing someone’s circuit.

Feeling more alert for a day’s work

This can only be said for my morning runs, but I’m feeling so much more productive on days that I train.  I also feel a lot hungrier. The whole time – running is a hungry business!

Stress reliever

When things are not going so well, running is a great way to stop you concentrating on all the thoughts rapidly flying through your head.

I’ve recently changed my running routine.  Previously I was trying to run as far as physically possible.  Every mile was a little closer to that half marathon target and I felt chuffed every time I got that little bit further.  I would run about once a week and feel completely shattered but since I was only doing it once a week, it seemed manageable. My runs were averaging about 13km and I felt proud and confident about June.

After some advice from various other more experienced runners, I realised I was going to have to start running more regularly and doing sprints as well as steady jogs.

So when I started setting out for 2/3km runs I felt over confident and worried I wasn’t doing enough.

How wrong could I be!

Maybe it’s because the frequency of my runs has increased. Or because I’m starting to push myself to run faster, but oh my word am I finding this challenging! I’m feeling more out of breath, more tired and finding it much harder to drag myself out of bed in the morning – not what I was expecting at all. 

No pain, no gain – definitely feeling that!

Looking forward to getting some expert advice at Everyoneactive to reassure myself I’m doing the right thing (or get told that I need to do something completely different!)



 Meet Rebecca!

Rebecca is one of our new Ambassadors, she’s going to be sharing her journey training for the St Albans Half Marathon! To kick things off we’ve done a little Q&A so you can get to know what motivates her.