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Training Programmes

Looking for some help to ensure you are in the best physical and mental condition for Sunday 10th June 2018?


Look no further!  Some of our long term sponsors have kindly provided some training plans, as well as hints and tips to get you race ready. 


Strength training for runners - Blog by Personal Trainer at Everyone Active:

Since the half million pound investment at Everyone Active Westminster Lodge, Personal Trainer Lucy Hurley talks through the positive affects the new equipment has had and can have on strength training for runners.

Lucy learnt the hard way that JUST running is not the best way to achieve the results you want when training for a distance event. You are more prone to overuse injuries, “lazy” glutes, lack in core strength and muscle tone if you do not incorporate strength training into your weekly programme. If the muscles aren't prepared to handle the load, stress gets absorbed elsewhere including bones and connective tissue.

All the elite runners you see in the Olympics do not just run, they include strength training to enhance their overall performance. And it works!

Lucy says, “A good strength training session can be done within 30 mins and your body will thank you for taking a break from pounding the streets or the treadmill just to get the miles in. You can do perfectly good, effective strength training in the gym to complement your running performance without the worry of ‘bulking’ up.”

Download Lucy's top 10 strength training tips for runners here!

Perfect stretches for a running warm-up:

Check out this Running Warm-Up Guide which has been put together by Perfect Balance Clinic.
Click on each stretch to see a video of how to perform it correctly! Perfect to get you through those winter runs!

Need a 10 week training plan?

Our sponsors Perfect Balance Clinic have put together a general 10 week training plan for the Half Marathon. 

Perfect Balance 10 Week Training Plan

Prefer a tailored training plan?

Perfect Balance Running Coach, Stan, can help you! If you would like a tailored running plan written specifically for your running goals please contact Stan on info@pbclinic.com.

Why not read some of Stan's Articles for St Albans Half Marathon!

Speed up your St. Albans Half Marathon training

Testimonial of Stan's running programmes.

I started Stan's running clinic about a year ago after having a hamstring injury. He had observed my running technique and rightly concluded that my running form was contributing to my injury. After a few individual sessions with Stan I graduated to his weekly track sessions on St Albans track where we worked on lots of drills to improve my form and run efficiency. Prior to this I had been running, but with an inefficient style and had been unable to train or race without discomfort. I now feel I have learnt to run comfortably again and rekindled my love of the sport and the ability to escape into the countryside without pain. Thank you so much Stan as one year ago I thought I might have to become a cyclist!!    

Looking for a 5K training plan?

We recommend looking at Active Training Worlds website for some varied distance running training plans. 

Active Training World 

Is your mental performance restricting you from reaching that PB?

Athlete In Mind will help you :
- Change negative thinking to positive
- Stop self limiting thinking patterns
- Remove mental blocks
- Provide powerful visualisation techniques
- Make mental toughness a strength in your sport
- Overcome performance issues, such as fear, nerves and self doubt

Athlete In Mind will work with you to set your goals, whether you are planning to run your first 5K or a Marathon. He can help you to reach the next level in your performance regardless of the event or sport you compete in.

See more on the website here or contact Andy at andrew@athleteinmind.co.uk ​

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