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Teams and Corporate Challenge


How do you set up a group/team?
Please click here to see our ‘how to register a team’ step by step guide.

Are there any limits to my team?
No, there are no limits. However you can set a password if you would only like a few people to join.

How can I check how many people are in my team?
You can check your team details if you are the team captain by logging into your account at https://myevents.active.com/. This link is also available on the confirmation email. 

If I register for the 1.5 mile fun run with my family can I join a team?
Unfortunately this is not possible. As you will need to set up a mini family team in order to register together, this does mean you can’t then join another team.

As 1.5 mile family registrations can’t join other teams how can a school keep track of participants?
Participants will be asked their school in the registration form and are not required to join a school team to be qualified for the schools challenge. The school is welcome to contact the team on 01727 819327 and they will be happy to update you on how many pupils have registered from your school for the Schools Challenge. 

How do I join my running club team?
When registering you will be given the option to select a running club.

How do I set up a team for my running club to qualify for running club prizes?
Please click here to see our ‘how to register a team’ step by step guide. This will provide you with information about registering for running club prizes. 

Can I register for the Corporate Challenge?
Registration for the Corporate Challenge will open in early 2018. Please see our Corporate Challenge page for more information. 


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