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Transferring and Cancellations

Can I transfer to a different race?
Yes, you are able to transfer to a different race; however this option is only available until 15th April 2018. If a participant is transferring to a race with a cheaper entry fee the difference is non-refundable. After 15th April transfer is only available by telephone with the events team, this is available until 7th May, please contact Head Office on 01727 819327.

Can I give my race number to someone else?
Participants are also able to transfer their registration to another participant through the online registration system if they can no longer attend. This option is only available until 15th April 2018. Transfers to a new participant have an additional charge of £2.There are two parts of transferring a registration to another person. The first is the transfer. The second is accepting the transfer. These steps are written from the perspective of your customer, completing this transfer online.

Transfer registration
Log in to ACTIVE.com
Click your name in upper right side and choose My Events
Click Transfer registration to another athlete
Enter recipient email address in Email address field
Enter recipient email address in Confirm email address
Click Submit

Confirmation email sent verifying transfer process initiated to transferring participant and to new participant

Accept registration
The new registrant opens email notification of transfer
Note: the email subject is Claim your registration for St Albans Half Marathon from {original participant} 
Click Claim registration within message
Log in to ACTIVE.com
Complete registration form
Click Continue
Click Check out


Why can’t I have a refund after 7 days?
You have the right to cancel your place in any one of our events and receive a full refund (excluding admin fee) if your cancellation is notified in writing to the event team within 7 days of your entry date. After this period we regret that we cannot refund any entry fees, whether due to injury, illness, lack of training or a last minute change of plan. This is due to the entry fee being invested in the staging of the race and main costs to contractors, suppliers and administration.  These outgoings are already committed well before the event.  We apologise for any inconvenience.

I accidentally purchased an iTaB, can I have it refunded?
We can refund iTaBs up until 5th June, at this time the registration details will be sent to an external company and we cannot change the order. To request a refund please email adminSAHM@1life.co.uk with your name and date of birth and we will process the refund.

How do I get a deferral discount code?
If you are unable to attend the event and don’t wish to transfer your place, you can request a deferral code.  This code will entitle you to 50% off 2019’s event registration for any race and will be valid for one use until 31st December 2018.  To get a deferral code, please contact St Albans Half Marathon by emailing adminSAHM@1life.co.uk with your name and date of birth.  The last date to receive a deferral code is Tuesday 5th June 2018.  After this date deferral codes will not be offered for cancellations.

What is the Booking Protect insurance?
Registration Protection is an opt-in offer that enables registrants to purchase coverage for the total cost of their registration and processing fees (it does not include any extra purchases). It comes up as an option on the payment page of your registration. This is managed and insured by Booking Protect not by us.  

If you take out the insurance and are unable to attend your event for a reason covered by the Registration Protection offer, you can contact Booking Protect to file a refund application and receive compensation.

You can submit a refund application via Booking Protect’s easy-to-use online -https://bookingprotect.com/refund/

Customers may contact Booking Protect to cancel their purchase up to 14 days after start of the booked event for any reason – no questions asked. Customers may cancel by visiting https://bookingprotect.com/contact-us/ and filling out the form.


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