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Main Benefiting Charity

Community Charity Poll


If you are interested in becoming our main benefiting charity please fill in the application form below to be considered for our poll. 

Charity Application Form



The Community Chosen Charity Poll was a great success last year with over 4500 votes!  We are delighted to open it up to the community to decide our main beneficiary for the '37th St Albans Half Marathon' will be! Our community charity poll will open on Thursday 12th October 2017 where you will be able to vote for our main benefiting charity.

Our 2017 charity, Rennie Grove, made over £22,000 from the event. We are confident that our event is a strong platform for the main charity to raise a large amount of money through fundraising.

We will be committed to working with the winning charity to help build up your team and make as much profit from the event as possible. 




Quote from Kate Grigg, Head of Fundraising in Hertfordshire for Rennie Grove our 2017 charity:
“We were absolutely delighted to find out we had been voted as the main benefitting charity of the St Albans Half Marathon 2017. Our runners collectively raised over £24,000 which is incredible. This equates to around 1,000 hours of specialist nursing care in a patient's home or a health assessment for a patient in our Day Hospice, giving patients choice about how and where they receive care.
To have that amount as an unexpected income is just amazing. We also noticed that it bought the office together. A few Rennie Grove employees got involved in the 5k and half marathon and there was a real sense of team work and motivation in the office, which extended to the Rennie Grove running team that consisted of around 100 runners! ”




Dates For Community Charity Poll

Friday 29th September - Deadline for charities to apply to be part of poll.

Thursday 12th October - Community charity poll opens to public.

Tuesday 31st October - Community charity poll closes.

Monday 6th November - Winning charity will be announced.




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